10 Best Smoothie Cups For Travel & Everyday Use


Here's an introduction to the very best multiple-use smoothie cups on the marketplace right now. We have actually vetted them against the requirements laid out above to guarantee only the absolute best items make a list.

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As the issue about plastic usage grows, reusable smoothie cups (complete with lids and straws) are ending up being more popular. Individuals are avoiding single-use plastics and non-reusable cups in favor of eco-friendly options.

This article has shared 10 of the very best reusable smoothie cups for daily usage, travel, and remaining healthy on the go.

What Makes A Terrific Smoothie Cup?

Cups are amongst the very best containers for healthy smoothies because they permit you to store and drink your shakes simultaneously. As long as they have a secure lid, you can transfer your smoothie with you. This is perfect for breakfast on-the-go and saving money with home-made shakes instead of shop-bought ones.

Here are the top qualities to try to find in an excellent smoothie cup …

  • Spill-proof– no-one wants to deal with unexpected smoothie leakages.
  • Temperature control– suitable cups will keep your smoothie cooler for longer.
  • Reusable– it ought to withstand washing and reuse without losing its shape or leak-proof abilities.
  • Cute design– why opt for a soft cup when you can get something trendy and charming?
  • Tested performance history– a great cup will be backed up with great deals of favorable customer evaluations.

Now let’s dive into the very best items presently offered for smoothie enthusiasts-

10 Best Smoothie Cups

Here’s an introduction to the very best multiple-use smoothie cups on the marketplace right now. We have actually vetted them against the requirements laid out above to guarantee only the absolute best items make a list.

Now let’s take a look at the specific reviews for each of these in more detail-

Finest Reusable Smoothie Cups

We have actually taken a look at a crazy variety of containers over the years- you may state we’re a little obsessed. This Beast Tumbler is by far the absolute best smoothie cup of them all.

It’s vacuum insulated and double-walled, which implies your shakes stay cold (or coffee stays hot) for much longer. The set consists of a splash-proof lid, two straws, and a cleansing brush.

The stainless-steel flask comes in 3 size choices– 20oz (550ml), 30 oz (800ml), or 40oz (1000ml). There is a huge range of colors available, so you’ll definitely discover one to fit your taste.

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Most affordable Cups

This streamlined red Generic Tumbler includes two multiple-use straws, a cover, and a cleaning brush. We think it’s pretty remarkable for less than $10!

It’s constructed with glass with a silicone exterior cover and holds 20oz of liquid. The bright red design and minimalist lines imply it really looks a lot more pricey than it is. Plus, it has exceptional reviews, so it does not sacrifice quality for the price.

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Best Smoothie Travel Cups

When it comes to travel, individuals have various requirements. Some will want a 100% leak-proof alternative to carrying in a bag without fear of any liquid escaping.

Others will desire something portable enough for drinking on the go or in the vehicle. They don’t always need something that requires them to endure being tipped upside down or knocked about.

In any case, travel cups require to have super-secure covers. This implies they should either screw-on firmly or have a locking mechanism.

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The absolute best smoothie travel cup is the Thermos King Smoothie Cup. It has a screw top and no possibility of a leak. You can drink directly from the flask, use the cap as a cup or the built-in spoon.

This is the one to get if you require a cup that’ll hold up against being tossed about in a work or travel bag without dripping. Thermos is renowned for its quality, and this is shown in the 13,000 reviews- 85% are 5 stars.

The ZLINS Cup is an excellent shout if you simply require a portable cup that won’t spill on-the-go. It’s double-walled with a screw-on cover, so it will keep your smoothie cool and secure. Plus, it comes in a variety of stunning pastel colors too.

The lid has a small hole that fits a straw or silicone plugs (all consisted of) if you wish to seal it up. These are enough to keep it from leaking if you’re strolling or in the vehicle. However, we wouldn’t trust them 100% to stay on inside a bag.

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Best Smoothie Cups With Lids & Straws

We’ve already covered many choices with covers and straws, but there is one more to highlight. The Healthy Human Cup insulated smoothie tumbler, which CNN ranked the best water bottle on the market.

This is an exceptionally eco-friendly choice- for each bottle they offer, they recycle and recuperate 80 plastic bottles. It keeps your smoothies super-chilled and features a lid, straw, and cleaning brush.

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Adorable Smoothie Cups

When it concerns stylish cup designs, there’s no shortage of options. This Ello Devon Tumbler is our fav thanks to its smooth, minimalist style and charming color alternatives. We enjoy the actual wood cover and built-in straw.

It’s also practical- the glass container is dishwasher-safe and comes with a lifetime assurance. With a 20oz (550ml) capability, it’s plenty huge enough for all your healthy smoothies.

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You might also like these adorable Estilo Mason Jar Mugs. These glass containers are ideal for guests, celebrations, and just cheering up your day! Each jar can contain up to 16oz of liquid. They come with set of 6 high quality glass mason jar mugs with handle and tin screw on lids and reusable BPA free straws.

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Leading Kids Smoothie Cups

If you’re looking for the best kids smoothie cup, then these charming Elk & Friends Cups are the answer.

The stainless-steel cups are shaped like a mason container and come in a pack of 4 lively colors. They hold 10oz of fluid, making them an excellent choice for smaller kids’ servings.

The 2000+ evaluates for these cups are incredible- 80% provided 5 stars! They’re a hit with adults and kids alike. The set includes 4x cups with silicone sleeves, 8x covers (4 with straw holes and 4 air-tight lids), 4x silicone straws with stoppers, and a straw cleaning brush.

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