4 Best Bread For Pulled Pork Sandwiches


This article will discuss the different factors to consider when selecting a type of bread and why certain types work better than others for pulled pork sandwiches.

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A sandwich is perhaps the very best culinary innovation ever. There are many different alternatives from taste profile to build to food; an endless amount of possibilities and never enough time to try them.

Among our preferred sandwiches of all time is a pulled pork sandwich, but pulled pork isn’t simply pulled pork any longer. There have been many debates relating to pulled pork sandwiches, such as “Which taste combinations are the best?”, “Which meat will make the very best sandwich?”, nevertheless, with these concerns, a far more crucial one emerged;

Which is the best bread for pulled pork sandwichesWe recommend utilizing brioche or kaiser rolls for traditional pulled pork sandwiches because they are fluffy and soft, making them ideal for biting into. If you are making open-faced pulled pork sandwiches, choose ciabatta or sourdough, given that they are thicker and chewier, so a single piece can hold lots of pulled pork without breaking down or ending up being mushy.

This article will discuss the different factors to consider when selecting a type of bread and why certain types work better than others for pulled pork sandwiches.

Classic Ingredients For Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Before looking at which bread or buns are the very best for pulled pork sandwiches, it is crucial to comprehend why this is such a significant concern.

Like many traditional dishes, the pulled pork sandwich has evolved into a lot more than a sandwich. Once humble meals, worldwide trends, and the rise in combination cuisine and artisanal foods have enabled us to create culinary work of arts.

Over the last couple of years, there has been an enormous spike in brand-new taste combinations being used outside of the fine-dining world. New components were being utilized, and old active ingredients were being used in brand-new ways.

Other components will be affected, too, once you change one thing in a classic meal.

When you begin using chunkier pieces of pulled pork, you may not want to utilize a chewy and thick piece of bread to serve it on.

Another example is that you must select an extremely easy-eating bun as soon as you utilize spicier flavors for your pulled pork. When you utilize an extremely neutral-flavored pork filling, you might wish to utilize a more tasty bread.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the very best kind of bread or bun to develop the supreme pulled pork sandwich.

Another huge element to think about is the function of the bread. If you are making a very saucy pork filling, you must pick a bread that will allow you to absorb all the sauces while not cracking down.

If you are making an open-faced pulled pork sandwich, you also require a thick piece of bread that will hold all the filling weight without breaking or becoming mush.

What Type of Bread Is Best For Pulled Pork Sandwiches?

As we have quickly pointed out before, the kind of bread or bun you require depends on the filling you utilize and how you intend to serve your sandwich.

In general, if you are making a sandwich (not an open-faced sandwich), you wish to pick a softer roll that can still hold a good quantity of filling and sauce without breaking down.

For open-faced sandwiches, you want to use a toasted slice of bread with a great deal of structure to hold the weight of the filling.

We will look at the best options of bread to utilize for pulled pork sandwiches and how each of them is best utilized.

Brioche Buns

Brioche Buns

They are usually the size of a typical hamburger bun. Brioche Buns also come in slider sizes (mini-hamburger buns).

They have an extraordinarily buttery and, in some cases, semi-sweet flavor profile which will go best with any salty and meaty pulled pork filling.

These buns can likewise soak up many juices or sauces of the filling and are soft, making them extremely simple to consume and handle.

Brioche buns will be best utilized for pulled pork sandwiches like:

  • Beer and bourbon pulled pork sandwich.
  • Traditional BBQ and coleslaw pulled pork sandwich.

Brioche buns are arguably the very best kind of bread to utilize for a pulled pork sandwich due to their neutral taste and usability aspect.

Kaiser Rolls

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For those who love crispy rolls, a Kaiser roll is the best one you can pick.

The reason being that while it is still crispy on the outside, it is excellent and fluffy on the within, which still makes it much easier to consume than a chewier roll.

Kaiser rolls likewise have a neutral taste which makes them perfect for practically any kind of pulled pork filling flavor.

Due to its crispy outside, these rolls will work terrific if you are intending on stuffing them! If you were to use a softer roll, like a Portuguese roll or a brioche roll, you would not have the ability to get and eat the sandwich with ease. In contrast, this Kaiser roll provides you the structure that you require.

Kaiser rolls are best for sandwiches like:

  • The supreme honey-mustard and bbq pulled pork sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and avocado.
  • Pulled pork sandwich with bacon, eggs, and aged cheddar cheese



Ciabatta is an Italian bread that typically comes with almost square-like loaves.

It is a distinct tasting loaf that still has a great deal of flavor and texture.

The outside (crust) of the loaf is crispy, while the inside is really chewy but still airy and soft.

It makes an excellent 1-1 1/2 inch ciabatta slice, the perfect bread to use for any open-faced pulled pork sandwiches. One must toast the slice to give much more structure to the piece of bread. Thus the slice will have the ability to hold the weight of the filling.

An untoasted piece of ciabatta will be able to hold much more sauce but may end up being soaked and mush.

You could also utilize two ciabatta pieces to produce a typical sandwich. However, it might be challenging to bite through due to the chewiness of the bread.

You might even use a whole ciabatta loaf to make a massive pulled pork sandwich for enjoyable party meals.

Ciabatta slices are best for sandwiches like:

  • Barbeque open-faced pulled pork sandwich including poached eggs and microgreens
  • Pulled pork and fig jam open-faced sandwich



Sourdough bread is a sour-tasting and very flavorful bread that is made by naturally fermenting a flour-based batter.

This bread makes outstanding open-faced sandwich slices as they are crispy, chewy, and will include many flavors.

We would once again recommend toasting 1-1 1/2 inch slices to hold more filling. Nonetheless, untoasted slices will also do the trick and will absorb a lot of liquids.

One can utilize these slices to create a typical sandwich. You can use the entire loaf to develop one enormous one.

Sourdough buns are likewise ending up being a growing number of popular, so do not hesitate to give them a shot and let us know what you think!

Sourdough pieces are best for sandwiches like:

  • Grilled pulled pork and cheese sandwich
  • Slow cooker cattle ranch bbq pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and microgreens.



When it comes to sandwiches, a lot of people neglect flatbreads.

It is surprising as flatbreads are some of the tastiest and most flexible pieces of bread you might get.

Naan bread is a large oblong leavened bread utilized in Asian nations such as India and Indonesia.

Of course, it is now trendy and frequently used in other foods.

Naan can be utilized to create an open-faced sandwich, a pizza, a wrap, or a pita-like pulled pork sandwich. All these options from a single type of bread.

Naan is notably easy to make and can be made by just using self-raising flour and yogurt.

Likewise, you can purchase flavored naan with tons of tasty garlic to add much more taste to your pork. You can also toast the naan bread to produce a crispier variation for utilizing it for whatever you want.

Using naan bread for pulled pork is not a conventional pulled pork sandwich. However, several years ago, neither was the open-faced variation. We are here to press boundaries and imagination to discover significant cooking developments.

Naan will be best utilized for sandwiches like:

  • Pulled pork naan fold with delicious cream cheese and salsa
  • Stuffed naan with timeless pulled pork and onion crisps
  • Southwest chipotle pulled pork open-faced naan sandwich


Throughout this experiment, I found out a few things. Among my favorites will constantly be homemade ciabatta buns that my mama has made since I was a child. They give this meal a whole different beauty. Likewise, supper rolls taste excellent and work well if you buy the best type.

Texas toast is tasty if you’re feeding less than 5. Sourdough is a great option if you enjoy its taste outside of the pulled pork sandwich. The greatest thing I took from it is that no one candidate holds the name of the best-pulled pork bun.

Related Questions

Should I Toast Bread For Pulled Pork?

We believe that if you are making a pulled pork sandwich using buns (so essentially making a pulled pork hamburger), your buns need always to be toasted.

Toasted buns avoid the crumb (inside of the bun) from undue moisture from the sauce and juices of the filling. It also develops a good, soft crisp, and by toasting your buns in butter, likewise includes additional richness and flavor.

If you are making an open-faced sandwich, it is entirely as much as your choice. On the one hand, if you utilize untoasted buns, they might take in excessive liquid depending on the filling and mushy. They likewise might not be able to hold the weight of the filling if gotten.

On the other hand, a toasted bun could be tough to bite through and make the crumb very chewy, all-in-all producing an unpleasant experience.

Have a look at your filling and how you plan to eat the open-faced sandwich (by hand or with cutlery) and make a judgment call– even if your choice didn’t work, you can take a lesson from it and move on.

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