How Long To Grill A Frozen Burger [The Ultimate Burger Grill Guide]


In this article, I have prepared some charts to assist in determining your cooking time and give you a primary referral to help you grill your burgers to excellence.

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Burgers are always crowd-favorite because you can make them in any way you desire to. Burgers can be grilled to a particular doneness based on your choices. 

In general, it’s advised to cook a frozen burger patty on the grill between 2 to 6 minutes per side, depending upon the doneness(Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium, Well Done, etc.) you desire for your burger. The overall total cooking time might take up to 20-25 minutes.

In this guide, I have prepared some charts to assist in determining your cooking time and give you a primary referral to help you grill your burgers to excellence. I will cover fresh and frozen burgers and some other kinds of meats to ensure you have all of the info you might require.

Burger Grill Times Referral Charts

Grilling Burger Patties
Grilling Burger Patties

To keep it simple, I have numerous charts to show you. I think it is necessary to cover the basics of multiple burger types. I will offer you some background info later in the article to know the perfect grill timing.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. A beef burger.

Fresh Beef burger Grill Times

It is crucial to understand that there could be some variables that might impact your cook times. For example, your patty may be 1/2 an inch thick, or it may be 3/4-inch thick.

To keep it simple, I will show you the following chart based upon patties that determine 3/4-inch in density based upon specific details for the very best burgers. This makes each burger around 6 oz.

The USDA suggests cooking beef to a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees. The times provided below are based on utilizing high heat on your grill.

DonenessFirst Side TimeSecond Side TimeTotal Time
Rare2 Minutes3 Minutes5 Minutes
Medium-Rare3 Minutes4 Minutes7 Minutes
Medium3 Minutes5 Minutes8 Minutes
Medium-Well4 Minutes5 Minutes9 Minutes
Well Done4 Minutes6Minutes10 Minutes
Fresh Beff Burger Grill Times Chart

It might seem a little odd that you do not prepare the burger for each side’s specific amount of time. I have found that the decreased time on the first side helps maintain the natural juices of the burger to bring you the best full flavor in the end.

Nevertheless, if this issues you, you can split your time evenly for similar outcomes. Make sure to utilize the overall amount of time to get the desired level of doneness. For a well-done burger, you need an overall of 10 minutes. You might do 5 minutes on each side.

Grilling is more fun if you have a quality grill thermometer like the Inkbird Instant Read Meat Thermometer. (Trust me on this, you will thank me later.)

Frozen Beef Burger Grill Times

When it pertains to grilling frozen meat, you ought to expect that the process will take a bit longer. When you’re grilling fresh beef burgers, you flip them as soon as halfway through. With frozen burgers, The method is a little different.

It’s relatively easy to grill frozen burgers, but it’s a bit more challenging to nail down an exact time for grill time. Additionally, when you’re barbecuing frozen burgers, you’re going to flip them every 3-5 minutes rather than just as soon as in the middle.

Here’s a recommendation chart with grill time suggestions.

Doneness1st Flip2nd Flip3rd Flip4th FlipTotal Time
Rare4 Minutes4 Minutes3 Minutes4 Minutes15 Minutes
Medium-Rare4 Minutes4 Minutes3 Minutes5 Minutes16 Minutes
Medium5 Minutes5 Minutes3 Minutes5 Minutes18 Minutes
Medium-Well5 Minutes5 Minutes4 Minutes5 Minutes19 Minutes
Well Done5 Minutes5 Minutes4 Minutes6 Minutes20 Minutes
Frozen Beef Burger Grill Time Chart

Once again, the timing is somewhat of a science. You can separate these times as long as you end up with the same quantity of total time. You should also test the internal temperature level to guarantee that your burger is cooked to a safe temperature before consumption. I use the Inkbird Instant Read Meat Thermometer which I bought from Amazon.

Elk Burgers Grill Time

Since it doesn’t have sufficient fat in it, you can’t overcook elk. When they reach an internal temperature of 140F-145F– that’s medium, make sure to pull your burgers. It will keep preparing a bit. If you like your meat more rare, go for it. Just make sure you’re safe!

Elk BurgersFirst Side TimeSecond Side TimeTotal Time
Fresh4 Minutes4 MInutes8 Minutes
Frozen7 Minutes8 Minutes15 Minutes
Elk Burgers Grill Time Reference Chart ( Doneness: Medium )

Turkey Burger Grill Times

It takes a bit more understanding when you are working with meats other than beef. If it is Chicken, bison, or other types of meat, there is just one temperature level to prepare.

The meat needs to constantly be prepared to be well done for health and security factors when you cook with turkey. The advised internal temperature for turkey is 165 degrees.

Here is a cooking chart for turkey burgers.

Turkey BurgersFirst Side TimeSecond Side TimeTotal Time
Fresh5 Minutes4-5 Minutes9-10 Minutes
Frozen8 Minutes7 Minutes15 Minutes
Turkey Burger Grill Time Chart (Doneness: Well Done)

When cooking turkey burgers, a fantastic indication for your flip time is when grill marks have begun to form on the side, straight on the grill at that time. Again, make sure to check the internal temperature level. With turkey burgers, well done is the safest method to serve.

Chicken Burgers Grill Time

Another fantastic lean choice is a chicken burger. When you use meat besides beef, grilling is the only way to go since it draws out the flavor.

Once again, when you make chicken burgers, you must prepare them well-done. The advised internal temperature level for safe intake is 165 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the USDA.

Chicken is among those meats that you never wish to undercook as it can trigger health problems, food poisoning, and other problems.

Here are your grill times for chicken burgers.

Turkey BurgersFirst Side TimeSecond Side TimeTotal Time
Fresh5 Minutes4-5 Minutes9-10 Minutes
Frozen8 Minutes7 Minutes15 Minutes
Chicken Burger Grill Time Chart (Doneness: Well Done)

You will notice that chicken burger’s preparation time is precisely the same as turkey burgers. Both of them are made with similar types of meat and prepared to the same internal temperature level of 165 degrees.

Bison Burgers Grill Time

Have you tried bison burgers? Bison meat is exceptionally lean, and it makes some of the very best burgers available. It’s not gamey in taste but relatively rich in taste. This meat is slim and full of omega 3 acids and proteins.

If you want a more healthy burger, Use bison instead of beef. When making bison burgers, the advised doneness is rare to medium since this is where you will get the best flavor.

These are some recommended grill times for bison burgers.

DonenessFirst Side TimeSecond Side TimeTotal Time
Rare4 Minutes5 Minutes9 Minutes
Medium-Rare5 Minutes5 Minutes10 Minutes
Medium5 Minutes6 Minutes11 Minutes
Well-Done6 Minutes6 Minutes12 Minutes
Bison Burgers Grill Time Chart

For the very best taste, it’s suggested that you prepare your bison burgers between medium and rare doneness. It is recommended that your center be between 140 and 160 degrees for safe consumption. Rare will be 140, while medium and well done will be 160+.

Vegetable Burgers Grill Time

I believe it’s just reasonable to touch on a burger that does not exclusively depend on meat for great flavor. Have you tried veggie burgers? They’re nutritious and delicious. They offer an excellent alternative for somebody who doesn’t consume meat or restricts the amount of meat they take in.

Veggie burgers are generally a mixture of veggies with another filler. Vegetable burgers can have a range of ingredients that might consist of soybeans, tofu, grains, nuts, mushrooms, and seeds.

Vegetable burgers are healthy and packed with nutrients like fiber, protein, different vitamins, and more. They are also extremely low on cholesterol and saturated fat.

Here are your grill times for vegetable burgers.

Vegetable BurgersFirst Side TimeSecond Side TimeTotal Time
Fresh5 Minutes7 Minutes12 Minutes
Frozen7 Minutes8 Minutes15 Minutes
Vegetable Burgers Grill Time Chart

Veggie burgers do not necessarily have to reach a specific temperature as your meat does. You desire them to be prepared to excellence and to have terrific flavor without falling apart. As they can fall apart quickly, don’t turn veggie burgers more than.

Tips for Grilling the Perfect burger

Now that I have covered the best grill times, it is time to talk about things you can do to turn your burgers into the perfect burger.

There are many little steps you can take to guarantee you get the tastiest burger from your efforts.

However, among the essential tools, you’ll require a quality grill thermometer to make particular grill your burgers to the perfect temperature level. I use the Inkbird Instant Read Meat Thermometer.

a man holding two delicious burgers

A few of the essential things that might affect your burger taste are listed below.

  • Seasoning
  • Natural juices
  • Cheese
  • Flip times
  • Heat
  • Forming, Sizing, and Miscellaneous

Some state grilled burgers are best on charcoal, while others prefer gas grills. It doesn’t matter as long as you get all of the other essential aspects perfect for barbecuing your burger.

Let’s cover a few essential pointers that you ought to understand to guarantee your burger ends up delicious.

Burger Seasoning

Let’s be honest here; you can season your burger nevertheless you wish to. You can include onions in your burger mix and get that additional flavor therein. The fantastic thing about grilling is less is more when it comes to spices.

Because the grill will bring out the meat’s natural flavors, you don’t need a lot of flavoring. I advise some light salt and pepper. You might also wish to include some “season-all” or skilled salt for a slight extra taste increase.

Keep in mind; you can season your burger with all of your favorite spices; however, my recommendation is – keep it light and let the grill do the work for pulling taste to the leading edge of your burger.

Natural juices

I touched on this briefly in the seasoning section; however, I want to provide more attention. The truth is, a grilled burger has plenty of natural juices, and those juices are what provide your burger some delicious taste and character that you can’t beat.

Pro-Tip: Do NOT push down on your cooking burgers with your spatula. Let them cook.

The secret is to let those natural juices remain inside the burger as much as possible. When you push down on them, it eliminates the internal juices and eliminates the tasty, juicy taste. It might likewise trigger your burgers to be dry by the time they are done cooking.

Including Cheese

If you want to add cheese to your burger, there is a specific art to doing so. First off, you can constantly include cheese when you’re putting the burger together; however, what’s the fun because? The best method to add cheese to a burger is to put the cheese on the last couple of minutes of grill time and let it melt over the burger.

If you have not tried this with your burger yet, you need to put it on your to-do list ASAP! There is simply something to be stated about that ooey, gooey melted cheese on top of a newly grilled burger. It’s so delicious!

Some individuals even blend cheese into their patties, which is another tasty way to enjoy a cheesy burger.

If you add cheese to your burger, the very best way to do it is when your burger has 1-2 minutes of cooking time remaining. Let that cheese melt while the burger is grilling for its final 2 minutes, and you will not be sorry!

Of course, your burger will be delicious with or without the cheese. If you do utilize cheese, this is the proper method to do so. I am relatively sure you will thank me later.

Flip Times

The flip times are almost down to a science. You do not desire to turn it over numerous times when you’re grilling a burger. Instead, you should let one side fully prepare, flip it once, and let it finish cooking.

The only exception to this guideline is when you are dealing with a frozen ground beef burger. You will flip four times. The first to put it on the grill. The Fourth and 3rd for authentic burger cooking. The preliminary part of the time is to get the burger thawed out and cooking. You can take a look at this as a two-part process.

When you let the burgers prepare without exceedingly managing them, the most satisfactory results come. Mind your cook times and flip accordingly. Don’t turn them over and over and over again.

Turn Up the Heat!

Some people believe that you ought to prepare burgers gradually and surely. And you absolutely can, especially if you are using a smoker or a pellet-style grill.

If you’re grilling burgers, the very best way to barbecue them is to turn up the heat. The secret to the very best juicy burger with the very best flavor is to utilize high heat. It doesn’t matter if you’re barbecuing with charcoal or grilling with gas– get the heat excellent and hot.

Let your grill warm up before you put those burgers on it. Let it get hot and fabulous.

The best temperature is in the range of 325 to 350 degrees if you’re determining your grill temperature level. If you’re using a gas grill, you can typically set an approximate temperature level. Otherwise, turn the heat to medium-high and let it heat up.

Suppose you’re working with a charcoal grill. In that case, it isn’t easy to control the temperature level. Still, you wish to make sure you let your charcoal heat up correctly. Your charcoal signal is ready for the burgers when it begins and shines a bright orange to ash over.

You can keep a meat thermometer nearby to inspect the internal temperature level of your meat and ensure it’s cooked to what it needs to be.

The thing to remove from this is to heat the grill. Do not make a novice mistake and flop your burgers on a cold grill.

Shape, Sizing, and Miscellaneous Tips

You ought to know many random things that might come in handy when you’re trying to barbecue the best burgers.

For example, the best way to keep your burgers from diminishing or bulging, or losing their shape excessively is to make an indention in the center of your party. You can use your thumb or a spoon to press the center of the patty in slightly. This quick tip keeps your burgers much close to the shapes and size you produce them in.

The most typical patty size for a tasty burger is about 3/4-inch thick. Another typical size is 1/2-inch. You can make a terrific burger that is 4-6 ounces in a 3/4-inch patty. The patties will be relatively thin and not as juicy if you go much smaller-sized than that.

Here are some common errors people make that take away from the pleasure of their grilled burger:

  • Counting on time to guarantee the burger is ideal. The timing is a general guide; however, a thermometer is for the final results.
  • Moisten your hands with water to avoid the meat staying with your fingers
  • Do not over-deal with the meat! Even while you’re forming patties, you wish to do it rapidly and not overwork the meat. The same options for cooking (turning) the burgers.
  • Keep away from pre-made patties if you can. They’re not as fresh.
  • Choose meat with the right makeup. Too lean, and you run the risk of losing taste.
  • Forming the patties larger than you believe you require (to represent prospective shrinkage).
  • Preheat the grill– never skip this action.
  • Please do not press the patties as they prepare.

I covered a few of these items in more information; however, they’re still crucial to understand. Many of these are considered novice errors, and doing one of these might significantly downgrade the taste of your burger.

Grilling the best burger is not necessarily hard. You ought to understand certain things and be aware of having the best burger in the end.

Remember, I offer these details as a general guide. Everyone has various choices and desires when it concerns the result. However, feel free to use these ideas to adjust and adapt things to satisfy your desires in the end.

Related Questions

I hope you discover this guide will be an essential resource for you to grill deal burgers. There are plenty of things to know to end up with the best burger in the end.

Feel free to have a look at the following concern and response section. Some typical concerns could supply extra information for you.

How long would an 8-ounce Beef Burger cook?

8 ounces makes a rather big burger, but it is not uncommon. Since there is more meat, the cook times would rise a little.

It would be best if you planned an overall 10 minutes to get to medium-rare with extra 2-3 minutes for well done. Prepare a minimum of 4 minutes on the very first side.

Is It Better to Thaw Frozen Burgers?

Despite the meat type, you can select whether you wish to thaw your meat or grill it has frozen. You don’t have to thaw the meat as it cooks simply great frozen. Some would say thawing the meat gives you juicier burgers.

Should I Spray the Grill with Cooking Spray?

You probably won’t need the cooking spray if you preheat your grill correctly. Nevertheless, some say that cooking spray makes the taste better. If you choose to use cooking spray, spray it before you heat the grill.

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